Danica Patrick
August 27th 2014, 12:16
TV Note - Check out Danica on tonight's episode of American Restoration at 10:00PM EST on HISTORY:

NASCAR stars on Wednesday's 'American Restoration' |
Charlotte Motor Speedway, NASCAR Hall of Fame and drivers host 'Dales of Thunder'
August 26th 2014, 22:11
Start making your plans... the 2015 schedule is here!

NASCAR reveals 2015 schedules for national series
NBC Sports joins FOX Sports as broadcast homes to all three national series
August 24th 2014, 16:41
Photos from Bristol Motor Speedway are now up on -

August 24th 2014, 15:33
Good luck to the Jackie Robinson West Little League team today in the #LLWS Championship - making Chicago proud!

August 24th 2014, 14:21
Bristol Motor Speedway Race Report -

"I think we all just did the best we could to hang in there, make the car better and try to make a good night out of it. It wasn't the finish that we wanted, but we didn't give up."

August 24th 2014, 02:50
Tough night at Bristol Motor Speedway with a 27th place finish. Atlanta Motor Speedway next Sunday for another night race - 7:30PM EST on ESPN

August 23rd 2014, 17:18
Is the NFL scheduled to air on your local ABC affiliate tonight instead of the Irwin Tools Night Race? No problem. You can still watch the race on these alternate channels:

Bristol Sprint Cup race: Alternate channels in 15 markets |
Options to watch the Irwin Tools Night Race, Saturday, 7:30 p.m. ET
August 23rd 2014, 05:02

August 23rd 2014, 01:18
#IceBucketChallenge, Round 2!

NASCAR President Mike Helton accepts the #IceBucketChallenge... with a little help from his friends.
August 22nd 2014, 22:11

Timeline Photos
Rolling out to qualify at Bristol Motor Speedway. #itsgotime #godaddyracing


One fang gone, 3 to go! My life will change! No more scars!

--- Yesterday ---

Daddy @StenhouseJr, I am so excited it's #NationalDogDay!!!!!

--- Yesterday ---

Ohhhh my that was a rain storm!

--- Yesterday ---

Grandma @BevPatrick is back and strikes again!

--- 4 days ago ---

I have to say, Mr. Helton was quite the sport for the #IceBucketChallenge! He said I had 13 sec of freedom to pour!

--- 4 days ago ---

The man @richfroning in the house! Cool guy, and I am sure he he was worn out with @StenhouseJr and my questions! 😁

--- 4 days ago ---

Well this trip will go fast for lil'D!

--- 5 days ago ---

RT @TheFunnyVine: My heart just broke

--- 6 days ago ---

#IceBucketChallenge complete...with a twist! @StenhouseJr @sughull & Ehren

--- 11 days ago ---


--- 14 days ago ---

Why....why do we as women put ourselves through it! And still smile?!!! @sughull @BevPatrick

--- 14 days ago ---

Ummm, the eggplants were ah-Mazing! And so was the chard and leek. Fresh organic is so good!

--- 17 days ago ---



Oral-B USA 500

08.29 PRACTICE 02:30PM FS1
08.29 QUALIFYING 07:00PM FS1
08.30 PRACTICE 03:00PM FS2
08.30 PRACTICE 06:00PM FS2
08.31 RACE 07:30PM ESPN
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