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PRC 200

Danica Patrick 2013 Limited Edition Women's White Quartz Watch


Danica Patrick 2012 Limited Edition Women's Quartz Sport Watch

PRC 200

Danica Patrick 2011 Limited Edition Ladies White Quartz Watch


Danica Patrick 2010 LE Women's Quartz Trend Watch with Diamonds


T-Race Black dial with Orange Rubber Strap Chronograph


Dressport white Mother of Pearl Dial with White leather Strap


The fawns were my favorite! They were like little puppies! Without the sharp teeth! Thanks again…

--- 13 hours ago ---

Had a great time krissienewman rescue ranch today! Love the animals!!!!!

--- 15 hours ago ---

Thanks for including me @marieclaire!

--- Yesterday ---

Just decide to have it! Happy Memorial Day. Thank god for our freedom to do what we want where we…

--- 2 days ago ---

RT @danicaracing: #NASCAR RACEDAY for @DanicaPatrick at @CLTMotorSpdwy for the @CocaCola 600 - tune in at 6PM ET on FOX:…

--- 3 days ago ---

Ladies night! The boys got dirty (dirt track) and we got cleaned up!

--- 5 days ago ---

Working on more shoulder and back flexibility..... Now heading "to the beach" aka pool. 😜☀️🌴

--- 5 days ago ---

When the boys go play the girl stuff like cook and watch the bachelorette that is…

--- 7 days ago ---

Cool to be able to show @richfroning @jamesohobart @hewettmatt a few or two new things in the gym!…

--- 7 days ago ---

RT @MattGlenesk: More @Letterman nostalgia: Dave embraces @DanicaPatrick after her 4th place finish in the 2005 #Indy500. #ThanksDave http:…

--- 7 days ago ---

Sit. Down. Good dog.

--- 7 days ago ---

Dream come true. 🌈

--- 8 days ago ---

RT @DallasStenhouse: . @XFINITYRacing you left me alone again while you #SignMyTweet, so I ate some more of your shoes. Love you! C…

--- 8 days ago ---

Start your engines, it's #SignMyTweet time! I'm signing Tweets for the next 2hrs with @XFINITYRacing!

--- 8 days ago ---

I'm signing Tweets live TODAY from 2-4P ET! Tweet with #SignMyTweet to @XFINITYRacing NOW & I might sign yours!

--- 8 days ago ---

Just a regular night of serving our men freshly baked cookies!

--- 9 days ago ---

Don't forget I'm signing tweets from fans tomorrow from 2-4PM ET! Submit your tweets to @XFINITYRacing on Twitter using #SignMyTweet!

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