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PRC 200

Danica Patrick 2013 Limited Edition Women's White Quartz Watch


Danica Patrick 2012 Limited Edition Women's Quartz Sport Watch

PRC 200

Danica Patrick 2011 Limited Edition Ladies White Quartz Watch


Danica Patrick 2010 LE Women's Quartz Trend Watch with Diamonds


T-Race Black dial with Orange Rubber Strap Chronograph


Dressport white Mother of Pearl Dial with White leather Strap


--- 6 hours ago ---

She just looked so perfect while taking a dog nap. 🐢

--- 9 hours ago ---

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers for billy. He is doing much better right now, but time is likely still too short for my heart!

--- Yesterday ---

My sweet boy Billy is pretty sick, but where there is old there is also new, and a reason to smile.

--- 4 days ago ---

Great girls and ready for a great night at the @GoDaddy holiday party!

--- 8 days ago ---

That's a wrap with sweet little Buddy for the @godaddy Super Bowl spot! He's a keeper!

--- 9 days ago ---

My @GoDaddy #SuperBowl co-star has a name: Buddy!

--- 10 days ago ---

Great job @DeLanaHarvick on #stateofplay! Fun to see the other side. And I also have road rage!

--- 12 days ago ---

Oh, he’s not mine! :) He's the co-star of my GoDaddy Super Bowl ad. Use #GoDaddyPuppy to tweet your name suggestions!

--- 13 days ago ---

What should we name this little guy? #GoDaddyPuppy

--- 13 days ago ---

My accomplice @sughull.

--- 15 days ago ---

Green food coloring... Yes we are going to decorate!

--- 15 days ago ---

Oh thank you Dallas!!!!

--- 15 days ago ---

Cooking(sweet potato meatloaf and a whole chicken, carrots, celery, Apple,& potatoes in a crockpot);…

--- 15 days ago ---

Really mom?

--- 16 days ago ---

Pasta, peas, bacon and scallops! Mmmmmm!

--- 17 days ago ---

Love @JenMeyerJewelry! Early presents to myself! πŸŽπŸ’˜

--- 17 days ago ---

RT @urmindblown: Please spread this:

--- 18 days ago ---